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Rose Gold Premium Glue Gun Sealing Wax -Pack of 6

  • Premium Quality Sealing Wax – easy to use and totally flexible and mailable.
  • Deep Rich Premium Sealing Wax that holds a great impression every time.
  • Flexible Formula, gives you durable wax seals that won’t break when mailed.
  • Glue Gun Wax is a real time saver especially when making lots of seals at one time.
  • Use in any standard 1/2″ Low-Temp Glue Gun.
  • 6- Pack makes approximately 50 average size impressions.
  • Each sealing wax stick has a 0.44″ diameter and a 4″ length.

• Composition: Refined Paraffin waxes, Microcrystalline Waxes and color Pigments. These components impart the performance properties of modern sealing waxes when compared to original formulas– the wax is more viscous, denser, tackier, has a higher melting point and is in general more elastic and adhesive . This is why this modern waxes work so much better with stamping, retaining a good impressions and being adhesive during the mailing process.
Modern Sealing Waxes are:
• FDA certified for Direct Food Contact (Glue Gun and Bead Wax only).
• Non Toxic as long as not ingested
• Vegan – the wax is not animal derived and not tested on animals
They are NOT:
• biodegradable or recyclable
• Natural
How To Mail: Completely flexible and mailable. Sizes larger than 1 1/8″ Die size should not be mailed on outside of envelope due to postal size restrictions..

Usage Instructions:
• A Low temperature Glue Gun is highly recommended for ease of use and slower melting.
• Insert the stick into your gun, allow to heat up, and then pull the trigger, pushing the wax through the chamber.
• Use an additional stick to push the sealing wax through the chamber as needed. A minimum of 2 sticks are required at any one time to push through the first stick in the gun.
• If gun heats up too much during continued use, we suggest unplugging for a time.
Colors: Colors are represented online as close as possible, with the understanding that monitors can display colors differently. Natural Swirl effects are common in metallic colors. There can be slight variations in color from batch to batch. If exact color matching is essential, please order samples here.
• Using more than 1 color? We recommend having a designated glue gun for each individual color purchased.
• Cleaning Instructions: If using the same glue gun for multiple colors: Use 3-4 sticks of the new color to flush through the old color OR use 3-4 standard glue sticks (you may still need to use 1-2 sticks of the new color to clear out the glue)
CAUTION: When working with sealing wax, please exercise caution and care in the use of this product, especially with an open flame. Sealing wax is not recommended for use by any young children without adult supervision.


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